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Trump is taking corporate power

The new political leadership will have the following plan of action:

1) The next great American political leadership will observe President Trump rewriting the rules of interactions between political groups and lobbyists (by draining the swamp) and take advantage of being able to interact with Democrats to achieve populist goals.

2) Abolishing the Federal Reserve: There are government and private intelligence agencies working outside the system behaving in a lawless way in violation of the constitution. They can do this because the US government is financially managed outside the constitution by private organizations like the Federal Reserve. This will lead to a one world government and needs to stop.

3) Be aware of the financial environment locally within each state: Regional leaders should engage in social media campaigns to get their local followers to email their congress person asking them to get all webmasters across government to collect databases about government money by place. Local chambers of commerce, local businessmen and local university financial faculties should be able to download this data.

4) Identify unfunded debt liabilities within each state that will affect property prices and people’s finances within each state.

5) Critical to the success of a new political party will be the outreach to groups and individuals who appreciate the distinctiveness of America and the positive contribution it has had on the world.

6) New political leaders will teach workshops on how to govern cities with regional leaders.

7) The next great US political leadership has an unprecedented chance to break the grip that Democrats have had over the black community which made many of these communities dependent on government.

8) To be a populist movement for all Americans the leadership must achieve the support of all demographics in America and have them represented at all levels.

9) America has a huge food surplus at the moment. New leadership must prepare for rising food costs, food terrorism or natural disasters. The new political party should propose prioritizing the visas of the correct migrant farmers who will grow the correct food that needs to be grown in proximity to the city they’ll be assigned to live around.

10) The new leadership must warn people on the war on cash. If we go to digital money and we’re microchipped the government could cut your money off.

11) The financial system will crash. As a hedge encourage followers to buy silver. Up to 15% of peoples saving must be outside the system in silver (The metal of the future and most undervalued asset on the planet).

The new political leadership will protest Trump
to engage in the following issues:

1) Dyncorp is owned by a private equity firm run by Stephen Feinberg. President Trump wants Feinberg to do an overview of the intelligence agencies. Since 2006 Dyncorp has had several allegations made against them for child trafficking. President Trump needs to be challenged to drop Feinberg. People will support this.

2) Oppose interest rates being kept artificially low.  Educate followers that raising interest rates isn’t bad for society. Suppressed interest rates are bad for pension funds and capital allocation which affect small business. Small business is re-energized since Trump got into power. If Trump doesn’t seize on correct capital allocation for small business the new leadership should. In 1980’s Americans were getting 8% on a bank deposit, now it’s zero percent. The social media campaign title for bank savers could be ‘Penalizing savers incentivizes borrowers.’

3) If robots take more jobs protest Trump to tax robots like normal employees. 

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The new US political party forming in 2017
will be a unique populist party

The next great American political leadership will be able to reflect where culture is going in the President Trump era. A new political party will form to intervene on laws and regulations while retaining the elements of a broad protest organization. A new political party with unique ideas and unique URL’s will be the first populist party in history to succeed because they will be the voice of the people while tolerating dissent within their organization. From a populist point of view how can Donald Trump be America’s next great agent for change agent when he says opinions are fake news if people don’t like his policies. The new political party will step back from fake news allegations to identify how fake logic affects being the agent for change. The key to success is to form strong regional leaders who will learn to lead their respective cities while observing the values and principles of the core leadership. This core leadership will be transparent based on social media, town hall meetings and live regional level workshops. The Democratic party have hundreds of law firms doing surveillance and working out ways to weaken the Trump team. On the other side Wikileaks are dumping information about the Democratic party. President Trump will need a war cabinet to fight the factions. The new political party that doesn’t get too immersed in these war games will be seen by the people as the progressive party of the Trump era.

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